Joep is a Dutch born photographer who moved close to Brisbane in 2006 after meeting his now wife, Kerry. 

While Joep has had a keen interest in photography since he was eight years old, it wasn't until 2016 that he turned his beloved hobby into a full-time career.  Despite leaving his corporate job in Information Technology behind, Joep still aims to achieve the same goal - transferring the client’s requirements into a great outcome.

Joep describes himself as a storyteller and specialises in photographing people. His photography showcases groups and individuals by utilising different settings such as family gatherings; weddings; sporting events; corporate events; artists on stage or students at school concerts, to name a few. Joep has also been hired by professional athletes to assist them in building their social media presence.

Joep is very passionate about working with people with a disability and has been invited to photograph many disability projects. Through his photos, he aims to challenge how people perceive disability. 

Besides photography, Joep has always loved swimming and in 2022 he swam across the English Channel. Joep lives with his wife, Kerry, and their two children, Jake and Lily, 20 km outside Brisbane.
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